Attack of a ship Procter Cannons Brock Tecumseh Battle of Detroit

Before the war:

Nov. 7, 1811 
Apr. 28, 1812

Battle of Tippecanoe (Shawnee defeated)
Letter from Askin to Charles Askin 


June 18
U.S. declares war on Great Britain

July 12
Hull's army invades Upper Canada at Sandwich 
Letter from Askin to McGill 
Map of campaign . (See the transcription)
July 16 Skirmishes at River Canard
July 17 Capture of Fort Mackinac (by British)
August 5 Skirmish at Brownstown
Aug. 7 - 13 
Charles Askin's diary - traveling with Brock to Amherstburg
See map of Brock's trip
August 14  Brock and Tecumseh meet
Aug. 15 & 16
August 16 Brock crosses over to Detroit; Surrender of Detroit
Map of campaign . (See the transcription)
Sept. 6  Fort Wayne attacked by Tecumseh
October 13  Battle of Queenston Heights (Brock killed)



Jan. 22, 1813  Battle of the River Raisin (Frenchtown) - Procter wins; natives massacre Americans
April 27  Americans capture York
May 1 - 9  First siege of Fort Meigs by Procter (unsuccessful)
May 27  Americans capture Fort George
British abandon Fort Erie
June 6  Battle of Stoney Creek
June 9  Americans abandon Fort Erie
June 22 Laura Secord walks to Beaver Dams
June 24  Battle of Beaver Dams
July 26 - 28  Second siege of Fort Meigs
July 31  Second occupation of York
Sept. 10  Battle of Lake Erie
Map of battle . (See the transcription)
Sept. 27  Procter begins retreat from Fort Malden
Map of retreat
Oct. 5 Battle of the Thames (Moraviantown)(Tecumseh killed)
Map of the Battle of the Thames
Oct. 25  Battle of Chateauguay
Nov. 11  Battle of Crysler's Farm
Nov. 12   Conditions of the civilians after American victory: Letter from Askin to his children 
Dec. 6  Skirmish at the McCrae house
Dec. 10  Burning of Newark (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Dec. 19  Fort Niagara captured by British



March 4 Battle of the Longwoods (Battle Hill)
See a video of the re-enactment of the battle . (See the transcription)
March 27  Battle of Horseshoe Bend
May 6 British raid on Oswego, New York
July 5  Battle of Chippawa
July 25  Battle of Lundy's Lane
August 3  Siege of Fort Erie begins
August 15  Drummond fails in night assault on Fort Erie
Aug. 24  Battle of Bladensburg/ entry into Washington (burn public buildings)
Sept. 11  Battle of Plattsburg
Sept. 12 - 15  British attack on Baltimore
Sept. 13  Attack on Fort McHenry
Oct. 19  Battle of Cook's Mills
Oct. 26 Nov. 17  McArthur's raid through the Thames valley
Nov. 5  Americans destroy Fort Erie and retreat across river
Dec. 24 Treaty of Ghent signed (official end of the war)



Jan. 8 Battle of New Orleans