Tunnel Teasers

Test your knowledge on the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. All questions are based on information found on this website.

  1. When was the railway tunnel between Windsor and Detroit first started?
  2. What was "Uncle Luther's Mole"?
  3. Why did Edward Winter want to construct a tunnel?
  4. Who ran the Detroit River Subway Project?
  5. When was construction on the tunnel started?
  6. What type of construction method was used?
  7. How many granite blocks made up the original tunnel roadway?
  8. When were the granite blocks removed?
  9. What is a sand hog?
  10. How many hydraulic jacks were around the shield?
  11. How many tubes were there?
  12. Where was the first tube sunk?
  13. What did the divers do?
  14. How many fans are in each ventilation tower?